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Testing the paranormal, a critical look at paranormal claims including ghost hunting equipment, psychics, Ouija boards and EVP.

The Tricks Of Psychic Artists Revealed

  PSYCHIC ARTISTS  Spirit art is the process by which a psychic will claim to have drawn the image of a dead person that they have no prior knowledge of, using only their psychic ability. Fraudulent psychic artists use many of the same techniques as fraudulent psychics, techniques which consist of generalizations, cold [...]

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Do Ghosts Only Come Out At Night ?

  DO GHOSTS ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT ? The association of ghosts and night time is largely driven by myth's. All the good horror movies and stories take place at night, as do most investigations on paranormal reality T.V shows. But is that any reason to believe that ghosts only come out at [...]

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Ghost Hunting Alone

  GHOST HUNTING ALONE  One of the traditional rules of paranormal investigation is that it must only be done as part of a group and you can't go ghost hunting alone, but statistically the majority of ghost sightings are only ever seen by one person. As for verifying the evidence, a video camera [...]

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The Case Against Paranormal Unity

  THE CASE AGAINST PARANORMAL UNITY    When it comes to the paranormal we all have our own opinions on what evidence is and what research methods to use, and many of them not only have no common ground, but are also completely opposing viewpoints. But opinions alone are not enough. It's those [...]

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Protection Rituals For Paranormal Investigators

  PROTECTION RITUALS FOR PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS   It's implied that protection rituals invoke some sort of spiritual power. They may have a psychological purpose, but if it's psychological it's not spiritual. Why would anyone think that an evil spirit is not going to harm you because you read some incantation or light a [...]

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Sensitives And Their Role In Paranormal Investigation

  SENSITIVES AND THEIR ROLE IN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION There are people that although they don't claim to be psychic believe they may be sensitive to paranormal activity. Although this may in fact be the case, there are some basic tests and conditions that can be used to determine if they have any ability [...]

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Ouija Boards

  OUIJA BOARDS Belief in Ouija boards is nothing more then another manifestation of the "Voodoo factor", an irrational fear, based on second hand scare stories about second hand scare stories. I am against using a Ouija board on an investigation not because it’s dangerous, but because it is a complete waste of [...]

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EVP There have been some credible instances of EVPs being captured on tape, but the majority of the recordings are simply being retro fitted. Someone will state what the voice on the EVP says, or they will place the audio clip on their website with some text explaining the results, and then everyone will [...]

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Pareidolia – False Paranormal Phenomena

  PAREIDOLIA – FALSE PARANORMAL PHENOMENA Why is it that the vast majority of ghost pictures of "faces" or "full apparitions" are either hidden within other objects, so distant that they are impossible to make out, or are shapeless forms. The reason is of course that they aren't ghosts at all. Take almost any picture [...]

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Spirit Lights, Ectoplasm and Vortexes

  ECTOPLASM, SPIRIT LIGHTS AND VORTEXES  Aside from the 100 % non paranormal phenomena known as Orbs, the vast majority of other photographic “evidence” comprises of so called spirit lights, mists, and apparent vortexes. Like much of the evidence in the paranormal it is evidence by association, also known as circumstantial evidence. This [...]

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