Testing the paranormal

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Testing the paranormal, a critical look at paranormal claims including ghost hunting equipment, psychics, Ouija boards and EVP.

Spirit Orbs – Photographic Anomalies, Not Ghosts

  SPIRIT ORBS- PHOTOGRAPHIC ANOMALIES, NOT GHOSTS  The site will never publish Orb photographs; they are not spirits of the dead. Until the late 90's pictures claiming to be those of ghosts, were extremely rare, occasionally actual apparitions sometimes strange mists, or in most cases just haunted locations with no actual ghosts at all. These pictures [...]

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Psychic Challenge

  THE $1000 PSYCHIC CHALLENGE In April 2016 my mother died, 8 years before that in 2008 she wrote something to me, and separately to my brother specifically to be used after her death as a “secret code” for her to try and contact us after her passing. The items that the codes [...]

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Paranormal Skeptics – Closed Minds

  CLOSED MINDS  Paranormal skeptics are in many cases just cynics pretending to be skeptics and although they may claim they formed their opinions without being subjective or biased, this is rarely the case. This is directed at those that chose not to believe, whatever evidence of the paranormal may be presented to [...]

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