Road Trips Of Death - Future Paranormal Quests

Places I plan to visit. If you have any suggestions for other locations for me to visit particularly if they’re near the ones already listed please e mail me at or add it in the comment section at the bottom of the page.  


Netley Abbey (Ghosts) Hampshire
Chislehurst Caves (Ghosts) Kent
Bodmin Jail (Ghosts) Cornwall
Whitby (Monsters) Yorkshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Great Train Robbery – Bridego Bridge (Infamous Places) Kent
Chillingham Castle (Ghosts) Northumbria – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Woodchester Mansion, (Ghosts) Gloucestershire – Done – (Return Visit Planned)
Pluckley Kent (Ghosts)
Stocksbridge Motorway (Ghosts) Yorkshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet)

Eyam Plague Village (Infamous Places) Derybshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Saddleworth Moor, Moors Murderers (Infamous Places) Yorkshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet) 
St Mary’s Church (Ghosts) Chopham

Fountains Abbey (Ghosts) Yorkshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet) 
The Ancient Ram Inn (Ghosts) Gloucestershire
Fort Horstead (Ghosts) Kent
Beaulieu Abbey (Ghosts) Hampshire
Knowlton Church (Ghosts) Dorset
Barnes Common (Monsters) London
HMP Shepton Mallet (Ghosts) Somerset
Harry Prices Grave (Ghosts) Kent – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Coalhouse Fort (Ghosts) Essex – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
St Nicholas Church (Ghosts) Essex
St Marys Church (Ghosts) Herefordshire
Hopton Castle (Ghosts) Shropshire
Castle Keep (Ghosts) Newcastle – Done – (Not Posted Yet) 
Weald and Downland Museum (Ghosts) West Sussex – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Cannock Chase (Ghosts) Staffordshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet) 
Sherborne Old Castle (Ghosts) Dorset
Porchester Castle (Ghosts) Hampshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Corfe Castle (Ghosts) Hampshire
The Red Lion Inn (Ghost) Hampshire
Old Wardour Castle (Ghosts) Wiltshire
Odiham Castle (Ghosts) Hampshire
Donnington Castle (Ghosts) Berkshire
Farnham Castle (Ghosts) Surrey
Glastonbury (Strange Landscapes) Somerset
Ludlow Castle (Ghosts) Shropshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Warwick Castle (Ghosts) Warwickshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Dudley Castle (Ghosts) West Midlands – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Kenilworth Castle (Ghosts) Warwickshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Hadleigh Castle (Ghosts) Essex
Bungay Castle (Ghosts) Suffolk
Baconsthorpe Castle (Ghosts) Norfolk
Castle Rising (Ghosts) Norfolk
Tamworth Castle (Ghosts) Staffordshire
Tutbury Castle (Ghosts) Staffordshire
Berry Pomeroy Castle (Ghosts) Devon – Done – (Return Visit Planned) 
Stonehenge (Strange Landscapes) Hampshire
Fort Nelson (Ghosts) Hampshire
Knowle Asylum Cemetery (Ghosts) Hampshire – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Tower Hamlets Cemetery (Strange Landscapes) London
Tintagel Castle (Ghosts) Devon
Sarum Castle (Ghosts) Hampshire
Basing House (Ghosts) Hampshire
Wolvesey Palace (Ghosts) Hampshire
Rendlesham Forest (UFO’S)- Done – (Return Visit Planned)
Dover Castle (Ghosts) Kent – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Battle of Hastings – Sussex – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Michelham Priory – East Sussex – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Bodiam Castle – East Sussex – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Leeds Castle (Ghosts) Kent – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Rochester Castle (Ghosts) Kent – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Coalhouse Fort (Ghost) Essex – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Fort Amherst (Ghosts) Kent
Hellfire Caves (Ghosts) Buckinghamshire – Done – (Return Visit Planned)


Leap Castle (Ghosts)
The Abbey of the Black Hag (Ghosts)
Aughrim Battlefield (Ghosts)


Loch Ness (Monsters) – Done – (Return Visit Planned)
Glamis Castle (Monsters)
Bonnybridge (UFO’s)
Hermitage Castle (Ghosts)


Port Merrion, (Strange Landscapes)
Caernafon Castle (Ghosts)
Aberfan (Infamous Places)
The Skirrid Inn (Ghosts)


West Virginia Penitentiary (Ghosts) West Virginia
Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Ghosts), West Virginia
Ohio State Reformatory (Ghosts) Ohio – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Tornado Chasing, Tornado alley (Infamous Places)
Zombie Road (Ghosts) Missouri – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Yuma Territorial Prison (Ghosts) Arizona
Zodiac Killer Murder Sites (Infamous Places) California
Mackinac Island (Ghosts) Michigan
Carlton Plantation (Ghosts) Tennessee – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Detroit – Urban Exploration – (Strange Landscapes) Michigan – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Jerome Grand Hotel (Ghosts) Arizona
100 Step Cemetery (Ghosts) Indiana – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Randolph County Infirmary (Ghosts) Indiana – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Stones River Battlefield (Ghosts) Tennessee – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Loretta Lynn Ranch (Ghosts) Tennessee – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Hays Cemetery (Ghosts) Indiana – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Old State Penitentiary, Boise, (Ghosts) Idaho
Helltown (Boston) (Ghosts) Ohio
Missouri State Penitentiary (Ghosts) Missouri – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Barclay Cemetery (Ghosts) Pennsylvania
Cave Hill Cemetery (Ghosts) Kentucky – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Custers Last Stand (Infamous Places) Montana
Calico Ghost Town (Strange Landscapes) California
Aux Sable Cemetery (Ghosts) Illinois – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Tilly Bend Church (Ghosts) Georgia

The Stanley Hotel (Ghosts) Colorado
The Haunted Bridge (Ghosts) Indiana – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Edna Collins Bridge (Ghosts) Indiana – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Crown Hill Cemetery (Ghosts) Indiana – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Amargosa Hotel, Death Valley (Ghosts) California
Forest Haven Asylum (Strange Landscapes) Maryland
Rolling Hills Asylum (Ghosts) New York
Roswell (UFO’s) – Done – (Return Visit Planned)
Breaking Bad Filming Location Tour (Infamous Places) New Mexico
Hart Island (Strange Landscapes) New York

The Monroe House (Ghosts) Indiana
The Hinsdale House (Ghosts) New York 
The Cleveland Torso Murders (Infamous Places) Ohio

Charles Starkweather Murder Locations (Infamous Places) Nebraska \ Wyoming
Kecksburg UFO Incident (UFO’s) Pennsylvania 
Sheriff Buford Pusser (Infamous Places) Tennessee 
Matewan – Hatfield and McCoys – Coal Miner Massacre (Infamous Places) West Virginia  
Buddy Holly\Richie Valens\ Big Bopper  plane crash site (Infamous Places) Iowa  
The Bellaire House (Ghosts) Ohio 
Harpers Ferry (Ghosts) West Virginia 
St Albans Sanatorium (Ghosts) Virginia   
Deadwood (Ghosts) South Dakota   
Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery (Ghosts) New York 
Goodleburg Cemetery (Ghosts) New York
Columbus Penal Cemetery (Ghosts) Ohio
Johnson’s Island Confederate Cemetery (Ghosts) Ohio
James Deans Grave (Infamous Places) Indiana
Monroeville Mall – Dawn Of The Dead – Filming Location (Infamous Places) Pennsylvania 
Evans City Cemetery – Night Of The Living Dead – Filming Location – (Infamous Places) Pennsylvania 

Deadwood (Ghosts) South Dakota 
Emmett Till – Murder site – (Infamous Places) Mississippi


Pablo Escobar Tour (Infamous Places)


Colditz Castle (Infamous Places)
The Wolfs Lair (Infamous Places)
The Great Escape Tunnels (Infamous Places)
Aushwitz (Infamous places) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Project Riese – Secret Nazi Tunnels (Infamous Places)

Nazi gold train location  (Infamous Places)


The Hoia-Baciu Forest (Ghosts)


Oak Island (Infamous Places) 


Waterloo (Infamous places)
Ypres, World War 1 Battlefields (Infamous Places)


Frankenstein’s Castle (Ghosts) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Heidelberg Castle (Ghosts) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Heidelberg Nazi Amphitheater (Infamous Places) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Kranzberg Castle (Ghosts)
Berlin, (Infamous Places) – Done – (Return Visit Planned)
Ruins of Hitlers Berghof (Infamous Places) – Done – (Return Visit Planned)
Wewelsburg Castle (Infamous Places)


Countess Bathoroy’s Castle (Infamous Places) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
Bojnice Castle (Ghosts) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)


Chernobyl (Infamous Places) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)  


D-Day Landing Beaches (Infamous Places) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
V2 rocket factory (Infamous Places)
Château de Tiffauges – Gilles de Rais (Infamous Places)
Oradour-Sur-Glane (Infamous Places)
Pays de Cathars (Ghosts)


Dyatlov Pass (Infamous Places)

South Africa

Rorkes Drift, Zulu Battle (Infamous Places)


The Pyramids – Valley Of The Kings (Strange Landscapes)


Phnom Penh – The Killing Fields (Infamous Places)
Ankgor Wat (Ghosts)


Reykjavik Cemetery (Ghosts) – Done – (Not Posted Yet) 
Dead Snow 2 – Filming Locations – (Infamous Places) – Done – (Not Posted Yet) 


Moosham Castle (Ghosts)
Festung Hohensalzburg (Ghosts) 
Cemetery Of The Nameless (Ghosts) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)

Czech Republic

Lidice (Infamous Places) Prague
Bohnický Hřbitov Cemetery (Ghosts) Prague
Houska Castle (Ghosts) Prague
Prague Castle (Ghosts) Prague – Done – (Not Posted Yet)
St Cyrils Church (Infamous Places) – Done – (Not Posted Yet)


First Cemetery Of Athens (Ghosts) Athens – Done – (Not Posted Yet)