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Paranormal T.V has created an almost cult like following of paranormal celebrity’s and inspired people to start their own ghost hunting groups. But it hasn’t been a positive experience.

The Cult Of Paranormal Celebrity

  THE CULT OF PARANORMAL CELEBRITY While paranormal reality T.V and the celebrities it created popularized paranormal research, ultimately it also poisoned it. The “paranormal bubble” burst several years ago and its negative effects are still far reaching. But it didn’t have to be that way. A paranormal T.V show is perfectly acceptable [...]

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How To Get Your Own Paranormal TV Show

  35 STEPS TO GETTING YOUR OWN PARANORMAL TV SHOW 1) Take a critical stance against popular opinion in the paranormal community. It doesn’t matter if you believe in what you’re saying. It’s not about sincerity, it’s about getting noticed. The best targets are high profile figures and the T.V shows that they [...]

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