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How to carry out scientific paranormal research and the procedures involved in conducting a paranormal investigation.

Contact Me In The Beyond

  WHEN I'M DEAD When I die I have made specific arrangements for the executors of my will to carry out the following. My entire estate will be left to Cats Protection UK, and I'm to be buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, USA. (If for some reason burial in the [...]

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Paranormal Investigator And Adventurer

  I'm a paranormal investigator and adventurer from one of the most haunted towns in southern England. I have also lived or worked in London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York . I have been to 37 states in the U.S.A and 23 different country's in pursuit of the paranormal.  I first became interested in the [...]

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Paranormal Investigation In Orlando, Florida

  PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA  Are you at a haunted location, or are you aware of one with a high level of recent paranormal activity? Do you have a location that requires a paranormal investigation ? I am currently in, Orlando, Florida, USA, but I am willing to travel throughout the US.  [...]

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