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A critical look at Orb’s and other anomalies that appear in paranormal photography. How to debunk false spirit and ghost photographs.

Spirit Lights, Ectoplasm and Vortexes

  ECTOPLASM, SPIRIT LIGHTS AND VORTEXES  Aside from the 100 % non paranormal phenomena known as Orbs, the vast majority of other photographic “evidence” comprises of so called spirit lights, mists, and apparent vortexes. Like much of the evidence in the paranormal it is evidence by association, also known as circumstantial evidence. This [...]

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Spirit Orbs – Photographic Anomalies, Not Ghosts

  SPIRIT ORBS- PHOTOGRAPHIC ANOMALIES, NOT GHOSTS  The site will never publish Orb photographs; they are not spirits of the dead. Until the late 90's pictures claiming to be those of ghosts, were extremely rare, occasionally actual apparitions sometimes strange mists, or in most cases just haunted locations with no actual ghosts at all. These pictures [...]

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