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Paranormal tech,  an examination of the equipment used in paranormal research including E.M.F Meters and digital thermometers.

The Ghost Box – Can It Communicate With The Dead ? (NO)

  THE GHOST BOX - CAN IT COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD ? (NO) There aren't many pieces of equipment more widely used by paranormal investigators and more ineffective then a Ghost Box. But with a Ghost Box you are guaranteed results every time, unfortunately the results have nothing to do with contacting spirits [...]

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Ghost Detectors

  E.M.F METERS, K2 Meters, DIGITAL THERMOMETERS AND OTHER "GHOST DETECTORS"    Electronic does not mean scientific. E.M.F meters and digital thermometers are not ghost detectors. When one of these or any other instrument registers a change in environment unless there is a credible link established with an apparition, although it may be unexplainable, [...]

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EVP There have been some credible instances of EVPs being captured on tape, but the majority of the recordings are simply being retro fitted. Someone will state what the voice on the EVP says, or they will place the audio clip on their website with some text explaining the results, and then everyone will [...]

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