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Testing the paranormal, a critical look at paranormal claims including ghost hunting equipment, psychics, Ouija boards and EVP.

The Ghost Box – Can It Communicate With The Dead ? (NO)

  THE GHOST BOX - CAN IT COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD ? (NO) There aren't many pieces of equipment more widely used by paranormal investigators and more ineffective then a Ghost Box. But with a Ghost Box you are guaranteed results every time, unfortunately the results have nothing to do with contacting spirits [...]

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The Cult Of Paranormal Celebrity

  THE CULT OF PARANORMAL CELEBRITY While paranormal reality T.V and the celebrities it created popularized paranormal research, ultimately it also poisoned it. The “paranormal bubble” burst several years ago and its negative effects are still far reaching. But it didn’t have to be that way. A paranormal T.V show is perfectly acceptable [...]

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How To Get Your Own Paranormal TV Show

  35 STEPS TO GETTING YOUR OWN PARANORMAL TV SHOW 1) Take a critical stance against popular opinion in the paranormal community. It doesn’t matter if you believe in what you’re saying. It’s not about sincerity, it’s about getting noticed. The best targets are high profile figures and the T.V shows that they [...]

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Paranormal Adventuring – The Art Of Intelligent Thrill-Seeking

  PARANORMAL ADVENTURING  This is a site for paranormal adventurers, people that are researching the paranormal and explore as well as investigate but also acknowledge being thrill-seekers and don’t try to hide the fact by pretending they are in the paranormal field just to help people. Which their not actually doing if their [...]

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Psychics And Paranormal Investigation

  PSYCHICS AND PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION  Don't forget psychics that are in the business of investigating haunted houses, can do research like anyone else. Most people with an active interest in the paranormal already have prior knowledge of dozens if not hundreds of haunted locations through browsing internet sites, reading books or watching one [...]

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Psychic Scams

  COLD READING AND OTHER PSYCHIC SCAMS A psychics proof of claims   Fraudulent psychics are the modern day equivalent of snake-oil salesman. They have found a gap in the market that they can profit from by selling a product that doesn't require proof just belief. And just like snake-oil even though it [...]

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Psychic Detectives

  PSYCHIC DETECTIVES Add the phrase "I see the body will be discovered, in heavy undergrowth, near a main road" to standard “cold-reading” techniques and you to can assist the police with their investigations. Claiming successful involvement in solving a crime is a major publicity boost for a psychic. But how much of [...]

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Ghost Detectors

  E.M.F METERS, K2 Meters, DIGITAL THERMOMETERS AND OTHER "GHOST DETECTORS"    Electronic does not mean scientific. E.M.F meters and digital thermometers are not ghost detectors. When one of these or any other instrument registers a change in environment unless there is a credible link established with an apparition, although it may be unexplainable, [...]

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Case Closed – Paranormal Research – Testing The Paranormal

  CASE CLOSED - PARANORMAL RESEARCH - TESTING THE PARANORMAL  "To the true believer, no proof is necessary, to the skeptic, no proof is sufficient", is one of the most overused and misinformed quotes used in regard to paranormal research and is derogatory to both believers and non believers alike. It implies if you're [...]

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