When I die I have made specific arrangements for the executors of my will to carry out the following.

My entire estate will be left to Cats Protection UK, and I’m to be buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, USA. (If for some reason burial in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is not possible my second choice is, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, Los Angeles. The Forest Lawn Cemetery is where in my book “One Second To Midnight”, the lead character has a grave, but he’s not in it.) On my tombstone I am having my Chasing Midnight logo engraved (see image below) and the following inscription. 


Tony Hart-Wilden 

Paranormal Investigator, explorer of the unknown

If contact from beyond is possible I’ll be here at 13 0’clock, the first Saturday of every month

“I want to believe” 


If contact is possible, I will try to make myself known at the time, date, and location specified. Suggested trigger objects, 70’s and 80’s punk music, Kit-Kat’s, vegetarian pizza, pictures of cats, and Corona with a lime in it. 

You can also ask me to use the following “code phrase” to communicate which is a quote from Bruce Lee:   “Be like water” 

Within a few months of my death, this site will cease to exist….

See you on the other side. (Maybe)