A selection of paranormal resources to assist in your research

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Mysterious Britain & Ireland  A community website dedicated to mysterious places, legends and folklore of the British and Irish Isles

Ghost Research Society  Reports of ghosts, hauntings and poltergeists.

Southwest Ghost Hunters Association     Skeptically investigating haunted locations by using critical thinking.

Harry Price Website   A site dedicated to Harry Price the godfather of paranormal investigation

The Ghost Club  The worlds oldest paranormal research organisation

Bachelors Grove Forum   The number one resource for all things related to Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Chicago

Infamous Places

Casebook : Jack the Ripper   The premier research site about Jack the Ripper

The Third Reich in ruins  The ruins of Germany’s Third Reich in pictures

The Zodiac Killer  Research into the unsolved mystery of the Zodiac Killer

JFK Lancer   The Kennedy assassination and its conspiracy’s

King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table  King Arthur, historical figure or myth ?


American Monsters  Monsters of North America

Nick Redfern  Monster hunter and Fortean researcher

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization   Bigfoot research organization

Loch Ness   Investigating the Loch Ness Monster

Mothman Lives  Reports of West Virginia’s Mothman

Strange Landscapes

Legends of America  Legends of America and the old west 

Lost Destinations  Strange and abandoned places throughout the U.S.A

Ghost Towns  Abandoned ghost towns in America

28 Days Later  Urban exploration in the U.K

Forgotten Ohio  A trip through the abandoned places of the U.S state of Ohio


Mutual UFO Network  Investigating UFO’s and sightings of alien-beings throughout the world

Cosmic Conspiracies  Europe’s most popular UFO website

Nick Pope Former UFO investigator for the U.K’S Ministry of Defense

UFO Sightings Daily    Daily reports of UFO sightings throughout the world

Alien UFO Research UFO and Alien reports and research


Weird New Jersey   Weird tales from New Jersey and across the U.S.A

James Randi Educational Foundation  A critical look at the paranormal