One mans journey into darkness from the lost ghost-towns of Tombstone to the shores of Loch Ness. Where Billy the Kid fought his last battle and Vlad the Impalers Transylvanian Castle forever holds its secrets. Haunted house’s, abandoned asylums, in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper and to the deserts of Area 51. From cursed ruins deep in the jungles of India to the radio-active wasteland’s of Chernobyl. Strange and mysterious places where monsters walk, legends and realities collide and the hands of the clock are always at midnight

“Explorer’s must be ready to die lost.”

The Paris Catacombs

Chasing Midnight, latest Pictures. The Paris Catacombs, 6 million dead lie in over 200 miles of deserted tunnels            


Chasing Midnight, latest trip report. A visit to Chernobyl, the Ukraine, the site of the worlds deadliest nuclear disaster  

“When you have excluded the impossible. Whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth.”

Visits to some of the worlds most haunted places

A visit to some of the worlds most haunted places, from Gettysburg U.S.A to the Hellfire Caves in England

The worlds most infamous places

Some of the worlds most infamous places, from Jack the Ripper to the Kennedy Assasination

In search of Monsters

Monsters, from Dracula, to Loch Ness, the Pope Lick Monster, and the New Jersey Devil

Strange landscapes and ghost towns

Strange landscapes from Rhyolite, Nevada to the lost ghost towns of Tombstone

UFO's from Roswell to Area 51

The hunt for UFO’S from Roswell to Area 51 and Britain’s R.A.F Rendlesham

“We must travel in the direction of our fear.”

Photographs of the worlds haunted places

My photographs, from Bachelors Grove cemetery to Woodchester Mansion, England

Pictures from infamous places

My photographs, from Hitlers secret bunker in Germany to the Salem witch trials U.S.A

In search of Monsters

My photographs, from the Rhode Island vampire to the Mothman West Virginia

Strange landscapes and ghost towns

My photographs, from Danvers asylum to Bodie Ghost Town in California

UFO's from Roswell to Area 51

My photographs, from Stephenville Texas to Pinebush New York and Area 51

Images of strange and haunted places

My photographs in Black and White, including Sleepy Hollow and the Amityville House

“Not only is the universe stranger then we imagine,

      it is stranger then we could imagine.”   

My latest paranormal adventures

Chasing Midnight, the latest news about the site, and where I’m heading next

Video's from strange and haunted places

Chasing Midnight, videos from Area 51 to Loch Ness

“Tis now the very time of night when churchyards yawn

and hell itself breathes out.”