Haunted Alcatraz, San Francisco

Haunted Alcatraz

Haunted Clapham Woods, Sussex

Haunted Sussex

Haunted Gettysburg, Little Round top

Haunted Gettysburg

Haunted Gettysburg, Sachs Bridge

Ghosts Of Gettysburg

Haunted Graveyard X, somewhere in Illinois

Graveyard X – Haunted Illinois

Haunted Dartmoor, Devon, ruined church

Haunted Dartmoor

The haunted Hellfire Caves, Buckinghamshire

Hellfire Caves

The ghostly monks of San Antonio Mission, California

The Mission San Antonio de Padua

Haunted Boothill graveyard, Tombstone

Haunted Tombstone

The haunted Villisca Axe Murder House, Iowa

A Night Alone in The Villisca Axe Murder House

The Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Winchester Mystery House

The ghost of the Blue Lady, Moss Distillery, Half-Moon Bay

Moss Distillery Hauntings

The ghost's of Bhangara Fort, India

Bhangara Fort