A skeptical look at psychics, spirit artists, and sensitives, and the deceptive techniques including cold-reading that they use to commit fraud.

Psychics And Paranormal Investigation

  PSYCHICS AND PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION  Don't forget psychics that are in the business of investigating haunted houses, can do research like anyone else. Most people with an active interest in the paranormal already have prior knowledge of dozens if not hundreds of haunted locations through browsing internet sites, reading books or watching one [...]

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Psychic Scams

  COLD READING AND OTHER PSYCHIC SCAMS A psychics proof of claims   Fraudulent psychics are the modern day equivalent of snake-oil salesman. They have found a gap in the market that they can profit from by selling a product that doesn't require proof just belief. And just like snake-oil even though it [...]

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Psychic Detectives

  PSYCHIC DETECTIVES Add the phrase "I see the body will be discovered, in heavy undergrowth, near a main road" to standard “cold-reading” techniques and you to can assist the police with their investigations. Claiming successful involvement in solving a crime is a major publicity boost for a psychic. But how much of [...]

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The Tricks Of Psychic Artists Revealed

  PSYCHIC ARTISTS  Spirit art is the process by which a psychic will claim to have drawn the image of a dead person that they have no prior knowledge of, using only their psychic ability. Fraudulent psychic artists use many of the same techniques as fraudulent psychics, techniques which consist of generalizations, cold [...]

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Psychic Challenge

  THE $100 DOLLAR PSYCHIC CHALLENGE  I will pay you $100.00, or donate it to any charity you nominate if you can prove the following under simple test conditions. Medium or psychic, sensitive, or clairvoyant If you are a medium or psychic and can demonstrate that you can communicate with the dead, read someone's [...]

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